Friday, November 9, 2012

Meet Your West Palm Beach Design Artist and DIY Expert!

So here I am! For those of you who haven't had the privilege of knowing or meeting me, my name is Jessi! I LOVE EVERYTHING CUTE! Seriously. I have always been good with crafts, ideas and DIY projects.

Thanks to the University of Florida for helping me realize that I hate science, but love science projects, am stunning with a computer and can pretty much make all your design needs come true.

After I left UF, I decided to really hone in on my design skills. I have been designing party invitations, wall art, websites and and blogs for a few years now. I absolutely love what I do and I wouldn't trade anything for the world.

But designing, pinning designs and dreaming designs isn't all that I do. I have been in a terrific relationship for the last 2 years. I do all the techy stuff for a garden center on the skirts of Palm Beach Gardens that my sweetum runs. While I chat to customers on the phone, blog, tweet and play with our Asian-look-alike dog, he does the tough stuff!

I also do a lot of public relations consulting, marketing for organizations and businesses in West Palm Beach and Wellington, and beginning in January, I will be teaching courses on Blogging and Graphic Design :)

Two of the biggest reasons I do what I do, and am good at it is because of two spectacular parents. I promise not to get too cheesy, but my parents are my biggest fans. They get me and what I do. They question the obvious but never limit my potential and all the possibilities.

Printable Party Invitations
They provide inspiration for a lot of my designs too!

But I couldn't go without mentioning two of my BIGGEST inspirations, and the reason why I love teaching and DIY gifts for teachers. My little bear and little Miss T. 

My stepdaughter and niece are my idea generators! I can't get enough of them and their spontaneous personalities. 

To top it off, my sister-in-law has another bun in the oven due in February of 2013!
That's a little bit about me, but what I really want is to hear from you! Give me a call or shoot me an email at amochalie [at] I want to help you create a memory with great party invitations, party supplies, greeting cards, holiday cards, business cards and much more! Check out my Etsy Shop, but don't limit yourself with the designs I have on there. Like I said, I can pretty much create anything!

Printable Party InvitationsEtsy Printable Invitations

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