Saturday, November 10, 2012

Holiday Shenanigans: 5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Christmas Party

Ugly Christmas Sweaters
I look for any reason to play dress up. If I can dream up a theme with matching outfits, invitations and food, than it's a dress up party.

Christmas isn't my favorite holiday (Easter is), but I still love and enjoy the month of December! There is so much to do, buy, make, bake, you name it! For the past few years I have been going to Christmas parties with friends and coworkers. Each year, the parties get more fun, tacky and wild!

The tackier a party is, the more likely people will show up...and in flocks!

So why have a Christmas Party?

Holiday Party Invitations
  • Everyone can play dress up, inexpensively! I love rummaging through Walmart and finding tacky holiday clothes for a Christmas party. Today I dropped by Walmart and found a hideous sweater for $6.97....and I bought it! Why? Because it's hilarious and I want to win a prize at the next Christmas Party I attend!
  • Networking and Socializing. I like hanging out with people like me. So if were at a party, and I see someone else joking around and engaging in Shenanigans, I want to hang out with that person. A holiday party is a great way to network with other employees from different departments at work.
  • Party Decorations. I love walking into a room filled with glitter, banners, color and balloons. If you came to a party grumpy, the party decorations will pick you right back up!
  • Food, Food and more Junk! Let's hope that the next Christmas Party you attend has more than just chips and dip. Always look at the cupcakes or desserts. They are a sign of the quality of the foods you are about to see. If you are a picky eater, bring your own dish to the party.
  • Drinks. 
Don't wait until the last minute to throw your own Christmas party or go to one. Go ahead and buy your ugly Christmas sweater and purchase some snazzy printable invitations from my Etsy Shop.

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