Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Teacher Thanksgiving Card: Who are you thankful for? Part 2

Teacher Gift Idea
Teacher Appreciation Thankful Card

In case you missed out on the gift Chloe and I got for her teacher, catch up by reading Teacher Thanksgiving Card: Who are you thankful for?.

I sent our design online to Walmart to be printed in an hour. 

I'm a little disappointed in Walmart for a couple of reasons. First, when I was attempting to upload my jpg file, it kept giving me an error of a corrupt file. I knew my file wasn't corrupt. 

Teacher Appreciation Gif
Printed version of the Teacher Appreciation Thankful Card
However, I decided to resize the file and tried uploading again to Walmart.com. My upload worked, but I wonder why it doesn't prompt you and say the file is too large, or what the file size should be. 

Also, when I received my photo, there was a massive smudge on the upper right hand corner. I had plans to cut that side of the photo anyway, but it was still annoying.

Anyway, aside from that, the design came out looking great. I should mention that I ended up changing the colors a bit before I sent it off to the printer. I wanted the card to match the color of the owl on the cup more.

After I trimmed the edges of my photo, Chloe and I began to wrap the owl coffee mug in the gift bag. Chloe insisted there be a blue balloon in the gift bag because her teacher loves the color blue?

I'm not sure how many coffee mugs teachers receive, but I am pretty sure not many receive a mug with an adorable version of their school mascot.

Thanksgiving Appreciation Gift
Chloe insisted on adding the balloon to the gift bag
To learn how you can purchase your own Teacher Appreciation Thankful Card, email me at info [at] teamocharlie.com.

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