Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Night Before Christmas Shenanigans!

Christmas Gift Ideas
A couple of weeks ago I had this great idea for all the kids on Christmas Eve. It's so tough for any child to look at all the Christmas presents and not be able to open just one.

I thought it would be neat to allow the kids to open a gift, that isn't pajamas, and be able to use the gift instantly. This Christmas Eve gift idea is great for everyone! The kids will be entertained, parents won't have to entertain as much and no one will be jealous...hopefully!

Christmas GamesI created these Christmas Eve Gift Labels. I plan on telling the kids that Santa came to me with the special task of delivering an early Christmas package on Christmas Eve. The labels are attached to a USPS Priority Box. I figured it would make things look more official for the kids. I made 7 boxes in total (2 extras for any kids that may show up to our Christmas Eve family party).

Reindeer Noses Holiday Gift Labels
In each of the boxes I have included a Christmas coloring activity, a hacky sack, crayons, pencil, gum, straw and hot cocoa (includes marshmallows of course). I will regret including the hacky sack and gum later. I am also bringing adorable paper Christmas cups for the hot  cocoa and tons of coloring sheets and emergency crayons!

I am also coming prepared with games such as pin the nose on the reindeer and hide and sock!

Our family has about 5 little ones under the age of seven! Some don't believe in Santa, but I have to convince them to play along for the rest.
These Christmas holiday gift labels are perfect for taking to school. I plan on attaching the label to 18 paper lunch bags for Chloe's class.

On the label, I will put "Reindeer Noses Love, Chloe."

If you're interested in getting your hands on some adorable holiday gift labels or other holiday items, email me at info [at]

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