Tuesday, January 8, 2013

NEW Printable Valentine's Day Greeting Card: Honey, Will You Bee My Valentine?

I love when inspiration hits, and hits hard! That's my mantra for January! I was in the living room with Chloe the other day doing crafts, when she inspired me to create a foldable Valentine's Day card.

Happy Valentine's Day
Honey, Will You Bee My Valentine?
The Valentine's Day greeting card reads: Honey, will you bee my Valentine? The words "honey" and "bee" are replaced by a honey comb and a bee.

This Valentine's Day greeting card is perfect for those looking to send a little something to family, friends and special ones. You can easily switch up the wording and have it created to fit any special person in your life.

If you're interested and getting your hands on this adorable Valentine's Day greeting card, simply go to my shop and purchase the printable card for just $1.50. You can also find Te Amo Charlie on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest!

Keep in mind, I am sharing the cards with you now, but sometime on Wednesday I will post a photo of the card printed out. They come in a bunch of amazing colors, I can't wait to try them all out this Valentine's Day!

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