Saturday, April 20, 2013

Free Printable Pet Adoption Kit {Freebie}

Free Printable Pet Adoption Kit
Free Printable Dog Treat Recipe
Almost two weeks ago, my sweetums called to ask if I wanted a dog.

Step on the breaks.

I already have a dog, and he is a handful to say the least. The thought of having another dog made me so happy when my sweetums called, that impulsively I said YES!

Little did I know that my sweetums had already decided to adopt this adorable blue-nosed, blue-eyed pitbull.
pet food recipe
Our blue-nosed, blue-eyed Gator

Instantly, names like Coal, were being thrown out because of his charcoal coat. After Chloe, Jason and
I threw pet names out for a vote, the name Gator won.

So now that we have adopted Gator, there isn't a better or more memorable way than to host a little puppy adoption party.

I found these boy and girl pet adoption kits on Pinterest.

If you want to get your hands on a dog certificate, dog treat recipe, favor tags and other goodies, simply follow the links below to download.

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Happy Printing!
Free Printable Pet Adoption KitFree Printables


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