Saturday, April 6, 2013

Men's Birthday Party Invitation Ideas by your Palm Beach Party Supplies Shop

Mens party Invitations
Men's Birthday party Invitation Ideas

The market for mens birthday invitations is WEAK!

I was thinking of cool ideas for Jason's upcoming birthday; it's 5 months away, I like to plan early. ;) The more I looked for birthday ideas for guys, I realized that my choices were limited.

After talking to my sweet pea, he said keep everything simple...or go full force.

I began with simple.

So far these invitations have been a hit for men hitting a new milestone, celebrating a promotion at work and celebrating getting wiser.

The men's birthday invitations can be customized to fit your guy's personality. You can suggest color and font changes prior to purchase.

Custom Printable Invitations
Mens Party Invitations
I can't wait to begin working on the "full force" invitations that my sweet pea suggested. There are a lot
of ideas spiraling in my head, and I have made a point of making sure to jot these ideas down!

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