Monday, April 8, 2013

Palm Beach Party Supplies Tips: Ordering Online

Tips for Ordering on Etsy
I love what I do!

However, sometimes there are always a few hiccups during the ordering process and I look like the big, bad wolf ;)

About 99.9% of the time, the issue is email. Due to the nature of my work, I rely heavily on email and online communication. Part of my work entails making sure that my clients get their products on time with NO hiccups.

If you're ordering from any online shop, the tips below may help you avoid frustration and stress.

Tips for Ordering Online through emails

  • If the shop you are ordering from provides you an email address, add that email address to your address book. This may help prevent any incoming messages, from the shop owner, to dump into your spam or trash folders. 
  • Make sure to check your email address before you share it. Sometimes when ordering, clients may get in a rush. Don't rush! We've had many clients rush, and request emails go to a specific address; the majority of the time the email address has been misspelled and time lost.
  • Send a brief email to the shop owner. We check our spam and trash folders daily, so your email will never be missed.
  • Don't underestimate shop messages.  Te Amo Charlie sells items through Etsy, and uses its messaging feature to communicate with customers. If you haven't received an email, always check your etsy messages or other shop messages.
  •  Don't just look at the email, respond ASAP! Our shop is like any other business. We receive hundreds of emails daily. Sometimes it takes awhile to sift through orders and changes on orders. Don't wait until the last minute to request a change that could have been handled within a few seconds.
I didn't think this last point needed to be on the list, because it goes without saying...Be nice. Shop owners want to make the ordering process as soon as possible. Plus, you are the reason we operate a business.

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